Seagull Mountain Resort – An Escapade To Remember

Seagull Mountain Resort – An Escapade To Remember

It‘s summer time! I have always been dreaming of going to a Tagaytay-like atmosphere (I’ve been to Tagaytay though) here in Davao City. Good thing, I remembered going to Marilog District and a famous travel destination called Seagull Mountain Resort, a breezy mountain resort located in Brgy. Lorega, Kitaotao, Marilog District, Davao City. So I told my friends that we should have a summer outing and explore the resort.

At first, we were hesitant since we havent gone there yet. To my surprise, traveling to Seagull Mountain Resort became as exciting as having them around. From Ecoland Bus Terminal, we boarded a Davao-Bukidnon bus. We chose the non-aircon one since it was cheaper. We only paid Php75 per head for the bus fare. It took 3 hours for us to get to the resort since it was night time and the bus could not run faster due to the foggy road. One of the most exciting parts was feeling the very cold breeze of the wind as we were sitting in the bus.


(of course, we took some photos in the bus. Thanks to a soldier who was sitting next to us. lol)

When we got there, a resort staff asked if we booked for an accommodation beforehand and directed us to our room. We chose a built-in tent (Php1,200 per night) that could accommodate 6 persons. We booked for an accommodation, so there was no need for us to pay for our entrance fee.

We were so hungry, so we directly went to the tent and ate our dinner. The morning after, we decided to go to the vegetable farm (it has a name, but I happened to forget it already). Locals there were so kind to bring us to the farm.

There, we bought some fresh assorted lettuce for only Php50 per bag. They also sell strawberries for Php 400 per kilo. You can also buy fresh culinary herbs at Php25 per plant/herb and grow them at home. It was really fun because we rode a single motorcycle with the 4 of us on it, excluding the driver. LOL

After going to the farm, we went back to the resort with all the smiles on our face.

Our trip wouldn’t be complete without exploring the resort and taking some photos. The girls and I had a great time laughing, posing, take pics and sight seeing.

We love to pose silly and sometimes stupid in front of the camera, so here are our photos.


It was kinda rainy that day, so after eating our lunch we decided to pack our things and head our way home. Yet, we didn’t forget to pose for some more photos.


Although we didn’t stay long in the resort, we were able to create special memories that will last a lifetime. Since we had a great time staying at the resort, I can definitely say that I would love to come back there and stay for the night. One of the best things about going to Seagull Mountain Resort is that you can have fun, experience a Tagaytay-like atmosphere and enjoy Mother Nature at a price you can afford.#



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