How can I ease the pain

When all I see is always you in between

Thinking of the memories we’ve been

Oh, how happy we were back then

     Everyday I miss you

Everyday I think of you

Do you ever miss me too?

Do you ever think of me too?

     All I wanted for you is to be happy now

And for me to also be somehow

But how if my heart keeps on beating

Saying please come back and be with me now

     It’s not the same anymore as before

I love you, yet your past is also loving you

Now you’re confused between us two

And I know that you still love him too

     It’s just so sad to feel this way

Loving someone who can’t love you the right way

I wanted to move on and forget the feelings I have

But it’s so hard, seems it’s the only thing I have

     Praying that everything will be fine

And eventually these will all pass in time

The feeling that I have inside

The love that I cannot hide

     Why love seems so complicated

When in fact it’s always what we needed

Yes, I may not be perfect

But this love I have is authentic

written by: Eli

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  1. kng ako sa imo annonymous, mag move on nako..feeling nko love tringle ni. Choose a gurl who is smart enuf to love only one,..kanang kblo sa word na “faithful”. Dapat mga boys di mgpakabuang sa mga babae nga duha2x makipag relationship..bow

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