(#Hugot part ll)

     Since we parted ways

Seems everything has changed

Yes, it was hard at first, but slowly I was amazed

By the positive effects that took place

     Got to love myself even more

Got more time for me to explore

Discovered many things I am capable

Which I never imagined I am able

     Looking at the brighter side of life

Is always the best way to live life

Blessings that come in disguise

And keep on pouring, I was surprised

     I do not resent anymore

For what had happened before

Thinking that it was just a phase

In my life that I really have to face

     Now I am ready

To finally be happy

Forgiven you wholeheartedly

So now I can be free

     Thank you for everything

You’ve made me realized that I am not just nothing

How wonderful and amazing I can be

Like what others used to tell me

written by: Eli

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  1. kw n naman anonymous??? JK. lols. Feel nko in love ang author wid a new gurl cuz di man mkasulat ang tao og inspiring tula f alay ngapatibok sa yang heart, Akong maingon, padaun sa pg-uzwag.!!! bow.

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