When Letting Go is The Only Choice

When Letting Go is The Only Choice

Have you ever loved someone who made you feel really special? Have you ever loved someone you need to let go? I have.Β  And I had to let go because it was the only choice left. I could think of many reasons why I love him. Perhaps, I might write a long list of reasons why I adore him as a person, as a man.

But just like I said, I had to let go of that person probably because it is not meant to be. We are not meant to be. The best thing about him is that I could really feel his genuine respect towards me and our friendship. What can I say? He is definitely a “good catch”. I will not give any clues as to who that person is ’cause we have a lot of common friends who would probably be wise or clever enough to decode or uncover who he is. (sekreto para bibo!)

Okay, okay I know this blogsite should be about travel, food and lifestyle, but what can I do? I want to express my thoughts and feelings. This is my only avenue to express myself. Afterall, this is my blogsite πŸ™‚

I am the kind of person who becomes so straightforward sometimes that I tend to say what I feel without thinking twice. And that’s what happened. After that, there was a long silence on his part. I don’t know why but my curiosity left me uneasy for a while. I wanted to know why and what his thoughts are. At some point, it was killing me. I told him what I feel not because I was expecting for a relationship. I had to say what I feel because I wanted to and was not expecting any feelings to be reciprocated.

If you were to ask me what I felt after, I actually felt good knowing that I let go of some sort of an “emotional baggage”. The day after, I got a message from him and I felt great because he was such a gentleman and will always be. I do not need to say what he exactly told me, but the bottom line is: we are still good friends after what happened. However, I somehow felt he has become a bit distant but perhaps it is just that I am overthinking everything or just being a paranoid. Still, I am thankful that he did not take advantage of my feelings for him.

The best thing about this whole thing is that I was able to discover great things about myself. I’ve realized that there is always a reason behind every single experience or event in your life. I’ve learned that starting today, I will take care of myself even more and strive hard to become the best version of myself. What happened did not break me. It made me even stronger and more inspired. You know, I bounce back higher everytime I fall down. I am currently working on my first book ever and this book will be the ultimate #hugot book of the year. lol

To you (you know who you are), thank you for everything and I really mean it. I’m not saying goodbye to our friendship, of course. I am just thanking you for being such a good person. As what I’ve said, I felt your genuine concern and respect and I thank you for that. You earned my respect. And hopefully, see you soon. πŸ™‚

Today, I finally let go of you, not as a friend but as the man I admire the most, the man who showed me what respect and self-worth are, the person who taught me about forgiveness. And I really hope someday, we will be happy, not together in each other’s arms but with the person who is meant for us.

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  1. Ana jud na la, learn how to let go… if kung kamo jud itadhana sa GINOO ma end of the world man kamo jud ang mag ka dayon πŸ™‚


    • lo, nagpa anonymous2x pa jud ka noh nga kabalo man ko nga ikaw lang nagatawag og “la” sa akoa..haha! ambot lang lo..GINOO ray nakabalo kinsay jud gitadhana para nako og para niya..or if kami ba gitadhana..ambot..panahon lang makaingon..but one thing is for sure, I am stronger now. πŸ™‚


  2. You are very beautiful and you are a good person I believe. If he doesn’t want you, there must b something wrong with him. Poor guy, he doesn’t knw what he’s missing. SMH


      • sorry but am a man too. I have no idea what exactly happened but poor guy. A guy friendzoned a gorgeous lady? u didn’t say the exact word but that’s how I see it….man, it’s his lost…smh


      • Please don’t judge me fr saying the truth. Being a 35-year old pal, I had a few regrets in life,,one of them was missing my chance and letting go of the woman who was genuinely in love with me.

        sorry but there must be something wrong with this guy u are talking about. if I were him, I wont miss my chance coz we rarely see someone who is genuine towrd the person they dear the most


  3. It’s never a crime to love someone. Just learn to move…if you’re meant to be together then you will be together in the future. If not then there is someone out there for you.



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