4. Dear babe,


Hi babe, I posted your poem here. Thank you so much for writing a poem for me. It feels ko kilig. You have no idea how happy I am every time you write a poem for me. Aniay duot nga kiss o, mmmmmwaaahhh!

“Just In Time”

There were days when my thoughts wander in empty spaces.

I see you from far afar. Walking the distance. I reach for you but I get tired.

I was running out of hope. Drained with all the strength I mustered for many years.

I got tired. I almost gave up.

Then I closed my eyes pretending to be alright.

But my heart aches and my mind is troubled.

Thinking a way out. Forging a road I wish I could peacefully take.

I was a mess.

I was hopeless.

But then you came.

You reached your hands.

I see your shadow turning into a vast light of hope.

You invade the darkness in me.

You take my hands.

I was weak but I feel your strong hands holding every bits of my soul.

Putting me back from shattered pieces to be brand new.

I know you were there.

You were not any step late. Thank you.

You came.

You saved me.


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