10 Reasons Why I Love Rico


(Hi babe! na-shock or nakatawa ka sa title? wahahah! Writer baya ko dong, bantog maski unsa lang akong mahuna hunaan sulaton usahay. But believe me, despite my crazy sched, I exerted time and effort in writing this one just like the previous love letters I’ve written for you. However, this time it’s not for you. I wrote this blog for anyone who would stumble upon this post. haha!)

This blog post is a bit more special than the previous ones. I can think of countless reasons why I love my boyfriend, but I just jotted down some of the reasons I could think of as of the moment.

1. He’s the sweetest guy on earth


I can still remember the day he surprised me with a teddy bouquet. I was surprised. He holds my hand in public places, kisses me and treats me right. And also, his sense of humor is so sexy. By the way, he calls me “dangs”, short for dangas. LOL

2. He’s sexier in blue

R1ย R2

I’ve already told him how I find him sexier and more attractive whenever he wears something blue or of the same shade. See? ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. His forearm tattoo is love


Mura siyag si John Lloyd Cruz diri. hahah! Basta, I just love his forearm tattoo. If my memory serves me right, it means “be strong”, it’s like saying he can conquer everything. And I love that.

4. His pickup lines are ahhmmmmm…witty? LOL


5. He’s vain


I personally like it when a man is vain because it just signifies his love for himself. If a man knows how to take care of himself, he can take care of his woman. Ana na. hahaha!

6. He lets me borrow his phone for a selfie


I personally don’t like bringing a smartphone everywhere. I just use it whenever I feel the need to do so, that’s why I prefer the most basic phone I can carry. So, when I was in Manila I was a bit amazed ‘coz he allowed me to use his phone and even chat with someone or friends with me beside him. I told myself, ” aw wala neh ginatago” haha!

And we look good together, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

7. He’s unpredictable


8. He embraces my weirdness


9. His patience is just amazing

I must admit I am so complicated, my mind is. With this, I told myself long before I met him that only a special guy can handle me. Thankfully, he’s just the perfect match. haha!

10. He’s gwapo na, yummy pa. hahaha!


I always tell him na gwapo siya, yummy pa. Well, he’s not just physically interesting, his whole existence invites my curiosity. I mean, he makes me wanna know him even better. And we also have a special connection I couldn’t express in words.




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