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Name: Ronalea I. Talaboc; Age: 28

Profession: I am a writer by profession.

I’ve been writing for many years now. I had a dream of becoming a model (ahahha!), but I guess writing is where I belong.  I used to dream of becoming a company manager as well, however I think I don’t have the skills to manage a business or company. I can’t even manage my time well enough, how much more if it’s a company. I also love photography. I love to see nice photos of women, dresses, shoes, bags, accessories, and what not.

Right now what I want is to have a successful online shop where I could sell dresses and accessories. It’s a long-term goal I know but I am slowly taking a step by step approach towards my goals in life. And also, I have a dream of living a happy life with my own family, having 2 beautiful kids, and a nice and comfortable home for my family.

And oh before I forget, I also have a dream of becoming a beauty or lifestyle editor in a well-known magazine in the country, like FHM, Metro, Meg, Lifestyle, etc. Of course, my ultimate dream is to publish my own books someday.

May God bless me. 🙂

Happy reading!


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