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Happy 2nd Monthsary,babe!


5. Dear babe,


Hi babe! After your extremely “lengthy” hours of sleep, I bet you have all the energy to read this letter. hahaha! Hmmmm, I actually thought of writing this one because I’d like to tell you the “sexiest thing about you” (things, actually). So, below is my list:

  1. I’ve always loved your tattoo (the one on your forearm) even before you courted me. I don’t know. It ignites my senses eh, anong magagawa ko? haha!
  2. You are unpredictably romantic. One solid proof is the teddy bear bouquet, which really surprised me. I’m just so glad I have a romantic guy who loves me.
  3. You’re very honest about yourself and your family, which I really find a very impressive trait.
  4. You know how to handle my “topak”. haha! Believe me babe, it takes an extraordinary guy to handle a not-so-normal woman like me. LOL
  5. You know how to cook. A lot of men don’t want or know how to cook, actually.
  6. You would always ask me how my day was and if I’ve already eaten my lunch or dinner. I feel so special every time you do that. I know it’s such a simple gesture, but it really means a lot to me.
  7. You’re so sensible, sweet yet naughty. Our convos can go from extremely serious to nonsense, sexy and funny ones.
  8. Your confidence. I just find it so sexy, babe.
  9. Your not-so-detail-oriented-yet-self-esteem-boosting compliments.
  10. Being unaware of your own “hotness” I need to expound this one? Dili na lang siguro kay basig asa ko muabot. haha!

Well I know this list is not over yet. Once we get to know each other better and spend more time together, I’d be adding more to this list. How about you, babe? What do you think is the sexiest thing about me? Your turn. 😉

dear b

Love Quotes – I fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands.


4. Dear babe,


Hi babe, I posted your poem here. Thank you so much for writing a poem for me. It feels ko kilig. You have no idea how happy I am every time you write a poem for me. Aniay duot nga kiss o, mmmmmwaaahhh!

“Just In Time”

There were days when my thoughts wander in empty spaces.

I see you from far afar. Walking the distance. I reach for you but I get tired.

I was running out of hope. Drained with all the strength I mustered for many years.

I got tired. I almost gave up.

Then I closed my eyes pretending to be alright.

But my heart aches and my mind is troubled.

Thinking a way out. Forging a road I wish I could peacefully take.

I was a mess.

I was hopeless.

But then you came.

You reached your hands.

I see your shadow turning into a vast light of hope.

You invade the darkness in me.

You take my hands.

I was weak but I feel your strong hands holding every bits of my soul.

Putting me back from shattered pieces to be brand new.

I know you were there.

You were not any step late. Thank you.

You came.

You saved me.


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3. Dear babe,


I’ve always thought true love would be the most difficult thing to find. To my surprise, I found it. I found you and you found me. Ai dapat pala, you found me and I found you ‘coz you found me first. hahaha!

I love you, babe. I know it will be a long road ahead of us. I know there will be challenges and trials along the way. But you know what? For the first time in my life, I feel so secure, safe and beautiful. Although I have my self-esteem issues once in a while, but I am amazed by how you make me feel so secure and safe. You know why? I trust you and I believe in you.

Babe, I’ve come up with a bucket list. And I think we should slowly do them together. What do you think? Tell me if you have suggestions, babe. ^_^

  1. A long, romantic walk at the beach.
  2. Make and eat breakfast together.
  3. Workout together.
  4. A sweet kiss in the rain.
  5. Watch the sunset together.
  6. Fall asleep in your arms.
  7. Slow dance.
  8. Watch a movie together.
  9. Sing your favorite song.
  10. Give you a lap dance. (LOL)
  11. Travel together.
  12. Have a movie marathon.
  13. Long, warm cuddles.
  14. Do a random act of kindness together.
  15. Spend holidays together.
  16. Write love letters to each other.
  17. Give me a piggyback ride.
  18. Make a memories album.
  19. Go on a romantic date.
  20. When I’m mad, shut me up with kisses.
  21. Take care of each other.
  22. Take COUNTLESS selfies with you. haha!
  23. Grow old together (I think this is the best, babe.)

And the list goes on. *smile ka* 🙂

love it

2.Dear babe,


Let me orient you first. I am planning to make 100 hundred virtual love letters for you until such time na magsawa ka nang magbasa. hahaha! So this one’s the 2nd letter.

Don’t be surprised if I do this. Siguro kasi it’s my language of love. I know you have your own way of expressing your love, your feelings. So let’s just appreciate each other’s language of love. Well anyway, I just want to let you know how happy I am being yours (not yet officially though, but we both know it will come.)

You know what, I may always laugh whenever we converse via Facebook, but I wouldn’t deny the fact that I am really scared at the same time.

Babe, I fall for you every day.  And it gets deeper by the day. But what if one day magbag-o ka tapos ako kay in love na kaayo? Have you ever realized how sad that would be? How will I ever pick myself up? I couldn’t even stop myself from crying right now ‘coz I feel so afraid. (there goes my insecurity issues again).

Babe, please don’t get me wrong if I have these thoughts. I already told you. I handle relationships seriously. I even told myself if ever man magfail ta, I would go out of the country just like what I’ve planned before and would never wanna love again. I may sound crazy, but it’s true. Paranoid jud kau ko noh? Babe, if ever naa kay hesitations sa akoa, please tell me karon pa lang okay? I don’t wanna get hurt, promise.

But anyway, I just wanna let you know how thankful I am that you came. I am really happy these past few days and that’s because of you. Thank you babe. And I love you. 🙂


1.Dear babe,


Hmmmm..I really don’t know how or where to begin.

First, I wanna thank you for coming into my life. I know it’s a common line people say to the ones they admire or love, pero I mean every word, as in. Basta, thank you. You know, you have this amazing way of making my heart happy, something I couldn’t express in words. It’s like you came into my life out of nowhere and suddenly means everything to me. Kanang ing ana gud..haha!

Just last August 2015, I wrote and posted a poem here entitled, “I’m Holding On, My Love.” I told myself that when the time comes na muabot na ang guy para sa akoa I would want him to read the poem I’ve written. Naa ra sa ubos oh..hehe

If I’m allowed, I would turn back time
And do everything differently
In my past memories, in that pain,
You weren’t there with me
Where were you when I was falling in love?
I’m calling out to you
If you could cross through my fingertips
Your warmth will spread through my cold heart
You are my destiny, you are
But where are you, my love?
Come to my side if you love me
The tears forming in my eyes only want you
Do you know that I will love only you?
I don’t know where you are
But I’m holding on, my love…

Until now, there are times when magwonder ko og mag question kung tinuod ba neh coz it kinda happened so fast, diba? But you know what, one of the happiest I’ve ever felt was when I found out you like me. hahaha! I was like, “as in? ganahan siya nako? aw..”

Before you came, I was actually okay but there was something missing in my life. I even told a friend just a month ago that I am happy with my career but I find no direction because I don’t have someone with me, someone to inspire me and be my strength. I was happy but had no direction. I was a bit lost, but thank God I’ve finally found my home now – and it’s YOU.

I believe God sent you to me to give me something to fight believe in. And also, to remind me na “merong forever.”

Now, I’m happier and more inspired. Right now all I can say is that I am so ready for our future together. Just wanna let you know that I admire how you can handle everything about me, although you haven’t seen everything yet. Pero I just believe that you can. And I wanna let you know as well that I feel safe around you or with you.


hahaha! see you soon, babe! 😉

P.S. Just in case someday mag away ta or magkalabuan ta, just take a moment to re-read everything I wrote here ‘coz it would always still be the same thing nga naa sa akong heart.

*smile ka* ^_^




25 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have

25 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have

Girls, despite how busy you are, you definitely need to have a specific set of habits you must practice on a daily basis. These habits will eventually become part of your daily routine. So, what are these? Read the list below:

  1. Start fresh every single day.
  2. Adopt a “meatless Monday” mentality.
  3. Cut back on sugar (it’s the culprit to your weight issues!)
  4. Drink warm water with lemon and cayenne pepper daily.
  5. Follow the CTM regimen: cleanse, tone, moisturize.
  6. Never grocery shop on an empty stomach.
  7. Keep healthy snacks at home and at work.
  8. Stop beating yourself up.
  9. Stop smoking.
  10. Travel and be a student of life.
  11. Pay off debt ASAP.
  12. Always use SPF and wear a hat in the sun.
  13. Make your home a place you want to be.
  14. Rely on YouTube for exercises videos.
  15. Learn how to make DIY projects.
  16. Save and save money.
  17. Listen to your body.
  18. Do mental health checks.
  19. When you’re angry, count 1 to 10.
  20. Prioritize stress management.
  21. Sleep and take some rest whenever you can.
  22. Let go of the past.
  23. Forgive others and yourself.
  24. Believe in yourself.
  25. Find and believe in true love.