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Happy 1st Monthsary,babe!



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Hi babe,

When I woke up, I read your text and I was touched with your message.

I take pride of being a strong, independent woman but I just couldn’t imagine a life without you. We both know that you are not perfect and so am I. No one is. If there are times when I lose my temper, please forgive me and be patient. If there comes a time when I would utter “dili nako sa imoha…,” please don’t believe me. You know naman, sometimes my sanity hangs by a thread. Buangon lang jud ko usahay. haha!

Just like what you told me, this is the beginning of our road to forever. I just wanna say that I hope you know how much I love you with every inch of my being. I appreciate and adore you without restraints.

I love you enough to compromise for you. Enough to miss and love you incredibly regardless of the long distance. Enough to never give up on us. Enough to believe in our relationship. Enough to stand by you through the worst of times. And enough to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you this much, babe. Happy monthsary. 🙂



6. Dear babe,


Hello gwapo! It’s been a while noh? hahaha! I have 94 virtual love letters to go. By the way, I decided to write you another love letter after our “discussion” earlier.

The very first thing I wanna say is sorry. Sorry kaayo babe ha. I re-read our conversation and I’ve realized how selfish I have been. Based on my actions and words, it’s like I’m demanding you to adjust. But I hope pasayluon ko nimo coz my ONLY point was for you to lengthen your patience pag abot sa akong pagkaparanoid. Sorry dong ha.

And let me just reiterate what I said earlier, I’m giving my 200% best in loving you. Mura na neg Toguro babe (kadtong sa Ghost Fighter bitaw..hahaha.) kay lampas isandaang porsyento na neh. Walay char, I can spend the whole day writing love letters for you hantud sa mafeel nimo kung unsa tika ka love babe.

When we were together in Manila, it was the moment I realized I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. Whenever I would panic on something, you’d always be there to neutralize it. LOL. Grabeh ka dong..Maka in love kag taman. I just wanna say that you’re the best thing in my life. As in.

Hmmm, karon pa lang daan I already have an idea on what to give you sa atong 1st monthsary. ahahahah! Ay, dili nako isaba..sekreto para bibo! ahahaha. samuka oie..

I love you babe. Please remember na whenever I say something bad, it’s not what my heart really wants to say. Please always remember that. I love you dong. Looking forward to seeing you again the soonest. Mwah!