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6. Dear babe,


Hello gwapo! It’s been a while noh? hahaha! I have 94 virtual love letters to go. By the way, I decided to write you another love letter after our “discussion” earlier.

The very first thing I wanna say is sorry. Sorry kaayo babe ha. I re-read our conversation and I’ve realized how selfish I have been. Based on my actions and words, it’s like I’m demanding you to adjust. But I hope pasayluon ko nimo coz my ONLY point was for you to lengthen your patience pag abot sa akong pagkaparanoid. Sorry dong ha.

And let me just reiterate what I said earlier, I’m giving my 200% best in loving you. Mura na neg Toguro babe (kadtong sa Ghost Fighter bitaw..hahaha.) kay lampas isandaang porsyento na neh. Walay char, I can spend the whole day writing love letters for you hantud sa mafeel nimo kung unsa tika ka love babe.

When we were together in Manila, it was the moment I realized I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. Whenever I would panic on something, you’d always be there to neutralize it. LOL. Grabeh ka dong..Maka in love kag taman. I just wanna say that you’re the best thing in my life. As in.

Hmmm, karon pa lang daan I already have an idea on what to give you sa atong 1st monthsary. ahahahah! Ay, dili nako isaba..sekreto para bibo! ahahaha. samuka oie..

I love you babe. Please remember na whenever I say something bad, it’s not what my heart really wants to say. Please always remember that. I love you dong. Looking forward to seeing you again the soonest. Mwah!